915F/H Fairway Hybrids


915F/H Allows Custom Fitting for Fairway Wood or Hybrid Iron Lengths


  • 915F/H Offers Two Weight Bores to enable assembly within a 3” difference to achieve fairway wood or hybrid club lengths.
  • Full Forward Face Progression design offers the option of a hybrid club that sets up with the look of a fairway wood.
  • Reduced Sole Width Design allows less contact between sole and turf for more consistency from fairway or rough conditions.
  • Semi-Shallow 33mm Face Height is matched perfectly to the head shape for lower CG and ease of play from any lie condition.
  • Available in RH in 13° (strong 3-wood or Zero hybrid iron), 16° (4-wood or #1 hybrid iron), 18.5° (5-wood or #2 hybrid iron), 21° (7-wood or #3 hybrid iron), and 24.5° (9-wood or #4 hybrid iron).