Cap’n Clubmaker

New book from Tom Wishon!

E X P E R I E N C E S  &  I N S I G H T S  F R O M  A  L I F E  I N  S E A R C H  O F   T H E  P E R F E C T  G O L F  C L U B

Capten Clubmaker

Wishon Golf’s knowledge and experience in clubfitting technology and golf club performance is available to all clubmakers in this book, Common Sense Clubfitting: The Wishon Method.

Nowhere in the golf industry will you find the depth of technical information on clubfitting technology than in Common Sense Clubfitting. If you are serious about being the best clubfitter you can be, if you wish to ensure the highest level of success in your clubfitting, this book must become the primary focus of your study.

Common Sense Clubfitting teaches clubmakers which golf club specifications to focus on and exactly how to achieve the greatest level of visible shotmaking improvement for all golfer’s Distance, Accuracy, Consistency, Shot Trajectory and Club Feel for ALL the clubs in the bag.

This book will end the confusion suffered by many clubmakers who are unsure which fitting decisions will resultin the most tangible game improvement for golfers. Of special note is the fact that so much of the information in the book is keyed to teaching what specific characteristics dictate which fitting specifications are for golfers – of all abilities and all different swing types.

In his eleventh book, Tom Wishon looks over his career within the golf equipment industry, spanning nearly 50 years. Written in two distinctly different parts, the first sees Wishon share many fascinating, remarkable and often humorous personal experiences from years of working and travelling the world designing and researching golf clubs.

Wishon concludes the book in part 2 by revealing his insights about the design and performance of golf clubs learnt over many decades of hands on work creating more original golf club designs and performing more performance research than perhaps any person in the history of the game.

Chapters include stories of his experiences from professional associations and friendships with Harvey Penick, Payne Stewart, Larry Nelson, Arnold Palmer, numerous other tour pros, as well as the people and the factories engaged in the production of all the different parts of a golf club. From “The Car Antenna and the British Open Winner”, “Teaching Tech to the King”, “Coming This Close to Meeting Ben Hogan”, “How to Trade a Rolex for a Robot”, “Fitting a Past and Future President on the Same Day”,

The Greatest Putter Harvey Ever Knew (which wasn’t Ben Crenshaw!) and many others, Wishon’s stories of his experiences are but a small testimony to an incredibly interesting and fascinating career in golf equipment.