The Search for the Perfect Golf Club

Look what Tom’s done for you lately… He wrote a book. Not just any book, but one that emphasizes what you have to offer the millions of golfers currently buying OEM clubs that don’t fit them, and won’t help them play to the best of their ability.

Selected as the 2005-06 Book of the Year by the International Network of Golf


“A few years ago, Tom Wishon, with his experience as a designer, helped me understand more about a particular aspect of golf club performance.

“With this book, Tom will help you understand the entire field, make good buying decisions and get the most from your game.”

Arnold Palmer (Member, World Golf Hall of Fame)


“In the course of my career I don’t know how many pro-am rounds I have played. In all those rounds, rarely have I seen amateurs with clubs that genuinely fit their game. For me, Tom Wishon stripped away the mystery of club fitting, which I believe helped me to become a Top 20 player on the PGA Tour.

“I am convinced this book will allow average golfers to get on the right track with their equipment as well. It is a ‘must read’ whether you are a scratch player or a beginner.”

Scott Verplank (PGA Touring Pro)