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Four years in the making, the 719MW is the most advanced moveable weight driver designed by Wishon Golf. The basis for the 719MW can be traced back to an early design in the mid-80s by Tom Wishon and Elmore Just – the founder of Louisville Golf Company: the Cure driver was the first original heel-weighted draw-bias driver ever made in the golf industry. Made from laminated maple, it effectively proved that the centre of gravity on a clubhead can be shifted with the heel weight. And when a golfer contacts the ball in an on-centre shot, this causes a slight rotation on the vertical axis, creating in essence, a tilt on the spin axis of the ball: reducing the amount of fade on a shot.  

A later woodhead design in the mid-1990s by Tom Wishon, the AccuCore 50 Driver, would further demonstrate the benefits of heel-weighted drivers, but also most importantly that at least 25-30g was needed in the heel-side to move the COG enough to the point where a centre shot off the face would create a visible draw bias effect on the shot. 

Many modern adjustable weight drivers have a maximum of 20g of moveable weight – this is not enough to move the centre of gravity and create a marked difference for the vast majority of golfers with average clubhead speed.  

So when Wishon began the design process for the 719 moveable weight driver, it was obvious that it would need to have the ability to move at least 30g of additional weight around the head to be able to offer regular golfers a chance to be able to see a change in the shape of their shots. 

And that’s not an easy task (to say the least). 

For a 450cc driver, total weight shouldn’t exceed 202-205g in order to be built to a normal range of swingweights, so to take the additional moveable weights, the body of the head had to be in the realm of 172g – an extremely difficult object to achieve. 

Wishon was able to engineer the 719MW with the help of one of the very best investment cast titanium foundries in the world, and by varying the wall thickness and removing the entire titanium crown, replacing with lightweight carbon composite, we were able to create the objective design for the 719MW. 

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  • All 719MW Drivers are supplied with a  headcover, 4 pcs of weights (3 pcs 2g and 1 pcs 30g),wrench, custom hosel adaptor and ferrule included.
  • All weight pieces available and sold separately in: 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, 20g, 30g.
  • Also available is the Wishon 360 Grip, made for matching with the 719MW.


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Lyssna på Tom Wishon, när han pratar om 719MW drivern… på Youtube.


Tom W om 719MW Youtube

För mer fakta och fitting tips, kolla in detta…. här!

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