365PF Fairway Woods

365PF Fwy Woods

365PF Fairway Woods

Progressive Fairway Wood Profile Design, Fit and Build as all Fairway Wood or as Combined Fairway and Hybrid Set Makeup.


  • The most versatile fairway wood design created. Head size and shape progresses gradually from traditional fairway wood in the #3 and 4 to slightly smaller fairway profile for the #5, to a slightly more narrow fairway to semi-broad hybrid in the #7 and 9.
  • Twin weight bores allows assembly from traditional fairways to hybrid lengths as desired for the golfer.
  • The highest smash factor found in a conventional investment cast steel head, achieved through TWGT’s metallurgical experience and knowledge. 365PF offers the best combination of performance and value in a woodhead design.
  • Bendable hosel allows a range of +/-2º in the lie and the face angle. Hand Select for loft offers +/-1* options for each head model from its designed loft spec.
  • Available in RH in #3(15), #4(16.5), #5(18), #7(21) and #9(24.5).
  • Available late March


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