White Hybrid Graphite Shafts – New Look

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0.335″ Tip Light Weight Hybrid Shaft for Golfers with Average to Slightly Above Average Swing Characteristics.

  • TWGT pioneered the use of a smaller, 0.335″ tip construction to create hybrid shafts which offer as much as +4° higher launch angle over conventional 0.370″ hybrid shafts.
  • S2S White is a lighter weight (70-75 g) hybrid shaft for players who have been playing graphite shafts in their irons or who prefer a lighter total weight feel.
  • S2S White hybrid design is created for golfers with an average to smoother than average Transition, average to smoother Tempo, and an early to midway Release.
  • S2S White hybrid shafts are available in AA-(L), A-, R- and S-flexes for all hybrid heads with a 0.335″ bore.

White Hyb Shaft facts

 White Hyb Swing facts