Green Graphite Wood Shaft

A new Addition to the S2S Line of Original Shaft Designs to Offer Clubmakers an Economical Combination Flex  0.335” Shaft for Slow Swing Speed Golfers.


  • S2S Green graphite shafts are available in both woods and irons, in both an A/L combination flex and a new R/S combination flex to now fit a wider range of golfers with smooth to average swing characteristics.
  • S2S Green golfer type – driver swing speeds from 50-70mph to 70-90mph, smoother to average transition force, slower to average tempo, early to midway release.
  • Combination flex design offers more versatility for custom trimming to achieve “in between” flex fitting requirements, and to keep inventory levels lower in the shop.
  • No flex letters are printed on the A/L shafts to allow “vanity” fitting for golfers who need a more flexible shaft but do not want others to know what flex they are using. Regular/Stiff is printed on the R/S combination flex S2S Green shafts.

Green shafts-2014