Red Graphite Wood Shafts

NEW 2013

A Completely New and Unique Stiff Butt/Soft Center/Very Stiff Tip Design for Better Players Which Plays Stiff for Control but does not Feel Stiff.

  • S2S Red is Designed with a Very Different and Unique Bend Profile – Most shafts follow a relatively similar butt to center progression of stiffness.  S2S Red progresses from a stiff butt to a very soft center section before moving into a very stiff tip section.
  • The Stiff Butt/Very Soft Center/Very Stiff Tip Section of the S2S Red creates a stiff performance for more control and accuracy but does not feel as stiff as it plays because of the very soft center section.
  • The S2S Red Bend Profile is for Golfers with a more aggressive transition and tempo who also have a later to very late release.   (See Information on this page to know more about which golfer is better fit with the S2S Red vs the S2S Black graphite shafts)
  • S2S Red Graphite Shafts are also Designed in a Hybrid Shaft – see pages 70-71 for information on the S2S Red Hybrid Shafts.