309HCG Wedges – New 2023

309HCG Back



NEW 2023!

The uniquely innovative 309HCG wedges draw upon the proven science of vertical gear effect to achieve an increase in backspin.  

Experienced clubmakers are aware that impact below the CG (Centre of Gravity) with a driver increases backspin due to the principle of the vertical gear effect.  

Wishon Golf has employed this lesser known principle of clubhead dynamics to create an all new family of wedges that deliver enhanced backspin by moving mass higher on the head to position the CG above the typical point of impact on the face.  

Impact below the CG causes the head to rotate slightly forward which causes the ball to roll up the face to offer a slight increase in backspin over the normal reaction of the ball to the friction of the areas between scorelines.  Adding to the spin enhancing weight distribution on the 309HCG wedges is the R&A/USGA legal milled face. 

309HCG Face


  • More mass high on the head raises the CG to create a vertical gear effect on normal impacts to augment the amount of backspin.
  • R&A/USGA legal milled face augments the effect of the higher CG to enhance backspin.
  • Available in 50°, 55°, 60° lofts in the traditional sole width version as well as a 55° wide sole model for additional game improvement help from the sand and tall grass.
  • Designed with zero bounce heel to prevent raising the leading edge when the face is rolled open to reduce the chance of blading/skulling the ball from tight lies.  




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